Including PSYCH-K®

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5 Reasons Why I Like PSYCH-K®
1. It is a simple procedure to do for the facilitator and for the client

2. It is fast acting. I see shifts in the consciousness of my clients commonly within minutes. They become calmer, mood improves, or the problem is just no longer there.
3. My clients love the process.
4. I have seen changes occurring on the emotional, mental and physical levels, and clients also report changes at the spiritual level, for example a sense of connectedness with the world around, or with more meaning in their lives.
5. The process can occur with total privacy around the client’s issue. This is especially useful. For example if the client wants to work on an intimate relationship problem, or a trauma issue, or just something that is intensely private, there is no need for me to know the details in order for me to facilitate a balance. We only need to label the issue eg “problem #1”, or #2. We can work from that.

I am using PSYCH-K more and more, because I am getting such remarkable results. It is also exciting to see that I can use the process alongside my other therapies, to good effect.

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